Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Up on the Roof ...

Today I spent about two hours putting three tarps on the roof! The wind was blowing so hard, that it was nearly an impossible task! I had some heavy wood to try and hold down the tarps, but the wind was still too strong. I finally got two tarps stapled down, and the third one about half stapled, then a strong gust of wind came along and ripped the staples right out, and tore the tarp off the roof, along with the heavy pieces of wood!!!

I brought the tarp and wood back up the ladder, and finally managed to get the last tarp stapled down. Took at least an hour to get the last tarp stapled down securely.


  1. That doesn't sound like fun. As a big guy I stay off roofs unless absolutely necessary. Why are you putting tarps up in the first place?

  2. We have a leaky roof. The landlord finally fixed the leak to the guest room with shingles. So far no more water leaking inside the house. We tried lots of tarps, but that was not working very well (wind kept blowing the tarps off the roof). The patio roof is still leaking really bad because the patio roof was not built correctly. I need more tarps to cover more of the roof, but we only have three.

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